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Zavor LUX LCD 8 qt. Multicooker

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The Zavor LUX LCD 8 qt. Multicooker combines the convenience of a pressure cooker and rice cooker with a slow cooker and yogurt maker for the ultimate in a one-pot cooking experience. You can pressure cook using the high (10-13psi) or low (4-7psi) options for up to 6 hours, or slow cook on high (212°F) or low (190°F), up to 24 hours. The LUX LCD has easy to use navigation controls to adjust time, temperature and pressure as well as a Keep Warm function and Time Delay function. Other features include: Steam, Brown, Sauté, and Simmer. It will also make Yogurt, Grains, Eggs and Dessert. With over 30 programmed settings available at the turn of a dial, it's easy to use and a huge time saver.