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Kamado Joe

One of the best features of a Kamado grill is that they are hugely versatile. And the Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills is the ultimate ceramic grill, acting as a standard grill, a smoker, a convection oven or even a make-shift pizza oven, all-in-one egg shaped grill. With the highly insulative properties of ceramic, Kamado Joe's absorb and store a lot of heat energy, making them ideal for outdoor cooking at any ambient temperature.

The Kamado Joe has a cooking range of 225° to over 750° and they feature a stainless steel ash tray and lower air vent system. Both of these are made from the same high quality 304 stainless steel that the grates are made from. Other design features that are more unique to the Kamado Joes are the Kontrol Tower Top Vent, that keeps precipitation out and keeps air flow efficient and the Air Lift hinge system, which makes the lid easier to lift and can be opened partway without slamming shut.

Built for years of cooking enjoyment the Kamado Joe gives you One Grill. Infinite Options.