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Zavor Induction PRO Portable Cooktop - Black

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Use the Zavor Portable Induction Cooktop as a time and energy-saving extra burner. Cooking on an induction cooktop is much faster than on gas or electric because 90% of the energy generated is used to heat foods you're cooking and not heat your kitchen. Gas and electric stoves are the exact opposite, with about 90% of energy wasted on heating your kitchen. Induction is so efficient, you can boil water in approximately half the time compared to traditional cook tops. The Zavor portable induction cooktop works just like gas, when you turn it off, the heat stops. You can easily control the level of heat with just a touch of a button. The temperature can be controlled in 10 degree increments, from 140 to 465 degrees F. This easy to use, lightweight portable cook top is also great for outdoor grilling, when you need that extra burner.