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Vitamix 48 oz. Aer Disc Container

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This versatile Vitamix container will do much more than pulverize your favorite fruits into a smoothie. In fact, the Vitamix Aer™ Disc Container can create cocktails, sauces, and dressings in no time at all. The disc blade incorporates air and extracts essential oils and juices to help you "fine-tune delicate blends," whether they are creamy emulsions, light foams, or stiff-peaked whipped creams. If you add fresh fruit, vegetables, or herbs to the mixture, the blade is said to muddle these ingredients, incorporating the flavor without necessarily disrupting textures. Unlike typical blenders, the Aer disc can serve as a cocktail shaker, helping you to chill drinks without crushing ice. Whether you need to whip, muddle, foam, or emulsify, the aerating disc blade in the Aer Disc can help. Experiment with recipes and take your cuisine to the next level.