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Shun Kanso 7 inch Santoku - Hollow Edge

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The Shun Kanso 7 inch Santoku Chef's Knife with a Hollow Ground edge is Shun's latest knife innovation. Kanso knives are pure technological genius. The Kanso blade looks different than other knife blades because of its metallurgy. The high-carbon, vanadium stainless steel in this blade provides a razor sharp edge. The crystalline structure of this special steel enables you to easily maintain this incredibly sharp edge. The heritage finish of the Kanso knife blade beautifies with age and use. The tagayasan wood used for making the handle is extremely dense. It is the traditional wood used to make samurai swords. Full tang construction adds strength and improves balance. As with all Shun knives, the Kanso Santoku knife is hand crafted in Japan with careful attention to detail. It comes with a lifetime warranty from Shun.