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Shun Higo-No Kami Personal Folding Knife

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Whether carried as a tasteful pocketknife or a personal steak knife, this beautifully crafted Shun Higo-No Kami folding knife is a handsome accessory. This style of knife is considered to be the first Japanese pocketknife when it was first created in 1890's Meiji-era Japan. A key characteristic of the traditional Higo-No Kami is that when the knife is closed, part of the blade tang protrudes and can be used like a small lever to open the knife with one hand. A number of refinements have been made to the original design. It still features easy one-handed opening, however a locking system has been added. A locking liner secures the blade open when in use so it cannot accidentally close, endangering one's fingers. The VG10 steel blade is slim and razor-sharp, making it perfect for use as a steak knife. The ebony PakkaWood® handle features in inlaid mosaic crest and folds to just 3 1/2" when closed. The knife also includes a beautiful leather sheath, perfect for a gift.