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Peugeot Daman u'Select 6 1/2 inch Pepper Mill - Acrylic

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The Peugeot Daman U select 6.5 inch pepper mill, inches has an acrylic body and a stainless steel base. The simple lines of this pepper mill from Peugeot make it a stylish addition to any table, just as freshly ground pepper is a great addition to the flavor of your meals. Peugeot mills have a unique two-stage grinding process, designed to get the most flavor from every peppercorn. First, the Peugeot pepper grinder cracks the peppercorn. Then it grinds it to the to the size you select. Using a pepper mill is also an economical choice, since peppercorns will remain fresh longer in their pre-ground state. They'll be full of flavor when you're ready to use your Peugeot Daman pepper mill.