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Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron 10 1/4 inch Iron Handle Fry Pan - Cerise

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This gorgeous Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron 10-1/4 inch Fry Pan in Cerise enables you to use less oil for healthier food preparation because of its superior heat distribution and heat retention. This Le Creuset skillet is the most practical size for cooking burgers, chicken, fish and steak. It is highly versatile and also excellent for making cornbread, frittatas and that special pie that you love.

The Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle frying pan has a loop helper handle to make lifting and control easier when moving between stovetop and table. This versatile cast iron fry pan has two spouts for drip-free pouring. Unlike other cast iron skillets, the Le Creuset Signature fry pan does not require seasoning, due to Le Creuset's durable Satin Black enamel finish. The gorgeous Le Creuset enamel exterior is long lasting and resists chipping. The enamel grill surface is impermeable and enables you to marinate with acidic liquids, such as wine or citrus juices. Made in France.