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Le Creuset Heritage 3 Piece Rectangular Baking Dish Set - Cerise

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Le Creuset’s 3 piece stoneware set makes a lovely gift or you may just want to keep it for yourself to have a pretty matching set of essential bakeware.  The sizes will work for baking desserts, roasting vegetables, marinating meats, storing leftovers, or  baking delicious casseroles.  The deep sidewalls make it possible to contain a variety of generously sized creations, and move them from the oven to table elegantly.  The premium stoneware ensures food is cooked to perfection and the colorful glaze is virtually non-stick for easy cleanup.   

Set includes one 12 ½” dish (4 qt.), one 10” dish (2 ½ qt.) and one 7 ½” dish 1 1/10 qt.)

  • High quality stoneware has excellent heat distribution for uniform browning and even cooking with no hos spots
  • Colorful glaze is nonporous, non-reactive, scratch-resistant, and resists stains and flavor absorption
  • Virtually non stick glazed interior easily releases food for quick clean-up, and resists cracking and crazing
  • Superior heat retention keeps food warm or cold for serving
  • Unmatched thermal resistance for temperatures ranging from -9°F to 5oo°F
  • Safe for freezer, oven, microwave, broiler, and metal utensils
  • Dishwasher safe