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Wusthof Gourmet 16 Piece Acacia Block Set

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Non-forged Wusthof Gourmet knives have a wonderful price-to-performance ratio, as well as intuitive and lightweight handling.  Every non-forged knife in the Gourmet series features typical Wusthof high quality, each blade being laser-cut and toughened to the high degree of hardness at 56 Rockwell.  The multi-step production process results in a nimble, lighter-weight version of its forged counterpart, making them an ideal entry point for new and seasoned cooks alike.  This set features a wide variety of knives as well as 6 steak knives.

Set Includes: 2 ¾” paring knife, 2 ¾” trimming knife, 3” spear point paring knife, 2 ¼” peeling knife, six  4½”steak knives, 5” serrated utility knife, 5” spreader, 6” chef’s knife, 9” honing steel, come-apart kitchen shear, 17-slot Acacia Block